Zoom or Panopto for Lecture Capture

Zoom and Panopto are tools teaching teams can use to record and publish lectures via their Canvas  course pages.

Below is information to help you decide which tool to choose. You'll find a FAQ and a comparison chart. For more information on general capture and delivery guidelines, please visit the Teach Anywhere site.

Should I use Zoom or Panopto to capture my lecture?

This really depends on the needs / structure of your course and how you want to deliver your content.  Simple guidelines to follow are if you want to interact with students while you lecture, then we recommend Zoom. If you prefer to pre-record your lectures and allow students to watch them on their own, we recommend Panopto.  To learn more about Zoom to support your course visit the Teach Anywhere Zoom Support page, or visit the Panopto homepage for more information on how to use Panopto.  

Things to consider, that will likely be best if recorded in Zoom:

  1. My classes require students to participate verbally  
  2. I will have guest speakers join me
  3. I would like to schedule my class meeting in Canvas

Things to consider for Panopto capture: 

  1. I want to flip my classroom
  2. I want to combine live lectures with pre-recorded lectures 
  3. I want the ability to edit my lectures and be able to control release dates
  4. I want students to have an enhanced video player

Can I upload my Zoom videos to Panopto?

Yes, you can download your Zoom session from your stanford.zoom.us portal and upload the content to the Panopto Course Videos tab in Canvas via the Create > Upload Media button. You must be the host of the Zoom session in-order to download the content. For more information on how to upload a video file to your Panopto Course Videos tab, please visit this How to Upload Video Files page. 

What are the advantages of uploading my Zoom recordings to Panopto?

Uploading Zoom recordings to Panopto would provide you with greater control over your content.  It will allow you to edit, set publishing schedules, create in-video quizzes and view video analytics. 

Zoom vs Panopto Comparison Chart

Features Zoom Panopto
Accessible via Canvas Yes Yes
Call in by phone for live sessions Yes No
Live streaming Yes Yes, but with 40 second latency. 
VOD to cloud Yes Yes.  Video recordings will auto-publish to your chosen course folder
Recording reliant on internet connection  Yes. Zoom recordings to both the cloud and to your local computer are reliant upon a stable Internet connection. The actual Panopto recording process occurs locally on your computer so lack of or disruptions to Internet connectivity will not affect the video recording. If you choose to provide the Panopto Live Broadcast, this will be affected by Internet instability but again the final recording will not be affected. Once your video is recorded, the upload of the Panopto recording to Canvas does rely on an Internet connection so any disruptions will affect how quickly the recording gets posted to Canvas.
Live audio/video interactions Yes No audio interaction.  Video has a 40 second latency. 
Text based interaction Chat Yes, chat on the Discussion tab
Available Outside Canvas Yes Currently Panopto is only available for use inside of Canvas.
Video is searchable You can search for text within the automated transcription and you can search for transcribed recordings that include the text you are searching for.  For more information visit this Zoom page Panopto uses optical character recognition (OCR) and automated speech recognition (ASR) to index your entire video to become searchable for any spoken word or word that shows up on a slide. 
Downloads Disabled by default. Visit the Canvas site for more information on downloads.  Disabled by default. Visit the Canvas site for more information on downloads.
Control when the video is available to students  Yes. But not automatically. Videos scheduled within Canvas are immediately available to students in Canvas. Sharing settings for individual videos can be manually adjusted in the Zoom portal. For more information visit this Zoom page: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205347605 Yes, teaching teams have the ability to make videos available or unavailable on the individual video level by adjusting the availability settings.
Zoom / Panopto Course Videos tab enabled on my course page by default? Yes Starting F20 the Panopto Course Videos tab will be available by default.
Video Analytics  You can view analytics (page views and downloads) for a cloud recording that you have shared internally or externally. Visit this Zoom page for more information on cloud analytics.  Teaching teams have access to aggregate course folder level and individual video analytics, including user completion stats. 
Editing Will allow you to adjust the start and end points of your video for video playback.  Edits will not be reflected  in the downloaded video file. Native non-destructive editor that allows for simple edits, adding clips, table of contents and in-video quizzes.  Cuts made within the timeline will be reflected in the downloaded file.
Transcription  Auto creates transcription Option to import automatic speech recognition captions available in the Panopto editor.  Captions are not ADA compliant.
Can you edit the  transcription Audio transcripts are saved in VTT format. If you download the VTT file, you can open it with a text editor  or word processing application. You can also view or edit transcripts in the web portal.  Visit this page for more details.  Yes