Transforming Civil and Environmental Engineering Courses

During the Teaching with Technology (TwT) workshop, Glenn Katz, lecturer in Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), began to transform a series of three in-person courses, CEE 220A, 220B, and 220C, into online course offerings. Going into the workshop, Glenn was at first focused on the efficiency that would be gained by offering his courses online: the content would be easier to get at and students would be able to access the content on their own time, at their own pace. However, the TwT workshop helped him to think differently about how to use online learning and its possibilities. Glenn shifted his thinking about the classroom from an information delivery platform to one creating and supporting a culture of behaviors to support a lifelong learning experience, ultimately making the learner responsible for their own learning experience. CEE 220A was offered online in summer 2018 via the Canvas learning management platform, with content integrated from the Open edX platform for a seamless and engaging learning experience. Glenn is continuing his work to develop online versions of 220B and 220C.