Raj Badoni

Raj Badoni

"The coursework and lessons learned at Stanford have enabled me to work more closely with customers and be on the forefront of product development."

About Raj Badoni

  • Director of Sales and Marketing, Flex Interconnect Technologies
  • Graduate Certificate in Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University
  • MS in Physics, University of North Texas
  • MS in Solid State Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India
  • Interests include cricket, hiking and biking

For those considering a Stanford education, Raj Badoni says, "Go for it! The caliber of faculty, the quality of classmates, and the team projects make it a unique experience that will enhance your professional perspective."

Badoni enjoys expanding his own perspective. He's earned two graduate degrees, has completed PhD coursework, and travels internationally researching customer needs. Recently he completed a graduate certificate in Management Science and Engineering because he wanted to study and complete projects directly in parallel with his job.

The program's focus on quantitative analysis makes it ideal for professionals with an engineering background, like Badoni. "I was keen on understanding and improving the highly complex technical product development and life cycles – to increase market share and keep time-to-market requirements in check," he says. "Without the right approach of engineering, product development, and marketing, you can miss the boat in the competitive market."

Badoni attributes his Stanford education with helping him better understand the product cycle and meet the needs of a diverse customer base. The Flex printed circuit applications serve a wide market for electronics consumption in medical, defense, aerospace, industrial, OEM, and commercial segments. "Our emphasis at Flex Interconnect Technologies is on being a total solutions provider, where we explore our customers' needs early in the design phase and complete it through fabrication and assembly," he says. "The coursework and lessons learned at Stanford have enabled me to work more closely with customers and be on the forefront of product development."

Juggling a career and his Stanford education sometimes meant working side by side with full time graduate students during late night study sessions followed by early mornings on the job. Yet, the rigor of Stanford coursework and projects inspired Badoni and encouraged him to work even harder.

Stanford faculty were particularly attune to the needs of working students. "Professors Kosnik and Rafinejad hit the nail on my goal of pursuing a Stanford education while working. They brought in tremendous industry experiences and insights in product management, marketing, environmentally conscious manufacturing, and an overall focus on business practices."

"Studying at Stanford really helped open up the perspective on Silicon Valley's innovation engine and fueled ideas that are directly relevant at work and beyond."