Self-Capture Quick Start Guide

Self-capturing videos can be as simple as recording your computer’s microphone and camera along with any visuals you display on your computer screen.

The software we recommend to record your videos are Zoom, which you are likely already familiar with, and Panopto, which is available on Canvas for free via SCPD’s campus-wide license (GSB faculty should contact the Teaching and Learning Hub for Panopto alternatives). As you become more comfortable with recording or need to improve capture quality, you can introduce more advanced capture options such as an external microphone or webcam, a digital inking tablet, or a document camera.

Audio quality is especially important when recording videos, so a quiet capture space is ideal. If you would like to be on camera you’ll also want to sit in a well-lit area or have a source of light in front of you. Finally, the most important part of self-capture is to be comfortable with the equipment and capture software you are using, so be sure to practice and experiment with different set-ups.

Below you’ll find links to several resources that will get you on your way to capturing simple videos on your computer. Should you encounter hiccups along the way feel free to send an email to and we will do our best to help troubleshoot your issues or make suggestions on how to improve your set-up.