Record in Classrooms & Studios

Record in Classrooms & Studios

We enable synchronous capture and asynchronous production of instructional content through capture-enabled classrooms and content creation studios.

SCPD-Supported Classrooms

We facilitate the use of six technology-rich classrooms that support active and distant learning. These classrooms are designed specifically for faculty teaching courses and programs that are extended to distance learners.

  • Gates B01 (Auditorium/Theater - Room Capacity: 194)
  • Gates B03 (Auditorium/Theater - Room Capacity: 99)
  • Huang 18 (Case Study - Room Capacity: 54)
  • NVIDIA Auditorium (Auditorium/Theater - Room Capacity: 342)
  • Skilling Auditorium (Auditorium/Theater - Room Capacity: 184)
  • Thornton 102 (Case Study - Room Capacity: 75)

* Note: Case Study classrooms have fixed tables on different tiers which are set up around the teaching desk/station.

We also support two additional classrooms:

  • Huang 10 - Primarily reserved for ProEd & Customs Programs
  • Packard 101 - Managed in collaboration with EE

Classroom Technology & Staff Support

Our SCPD-managed classrooms are equipped with:

  • Video Projector or Large Video Display
  • Audio System
  • Multiple HD Video Cameras
  • Video Production System

Faculty offering courses through SCPD and using an SCPD-managed classroom are assigned an SCPD staff member who is available to provide equipment and technology support.

How to Reserve a Room

If you are offering a course through SCPD, your SCPD Programs Team liaison will coordinate the scheduling of a classroom with you and your department.

These classrooms can be reserved by other university faculty and departments when not in use by SCPD-managed courses and programs. To inquire about availability, visit 25 Live.

Other Stanford Classrooms

Most general-use classrooms offer flexible audio visual capability, which typically includes a SmartPanel AV control system, a projector, and a pull-down or automatic screen. In some cases, flat screen displays are provided for their enhanced image quality. Prepare for your class in advance by visiting and testing out any media devices that you may need.

Contact Learning Technologies within the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs to find out more.

The Studios at 408 Panama

We support video production studios and screencast/audio recording booths that are used primarily to facilitate and support the creation of digital media for inclusion in faculty-driven teaching and learning projects within the SCPD-managed portfolio. When projects are ready for production, the studios and recording spaces may be reserved in consultation with your digital media producer.

To the extent that there is capacity, the studios and recording spaces may be rented with staffing support for filming.

  • Chroma-Key Studio: 1500 Sq Ft
  • Black Box Studio: 600 Sq Ft
  • Screencast/Audio Recording Booth

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent suspension of recording activities in our studios, we have created remote capture kits for faculty and instructors working on SCPD courses to use until on-campus activities resume with support from the Digital Media Creation and Strategy team.

If you are a faculty member or instructor from either the Graduate School of Business or the School of Medicine, please contact your education technology team first.

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