Publishing Availability

Publishing Availability of Panopto Course Videos

By default all videos are available for viewing to enrolled students. If you wish to switch the video availability default to not be available for immediate viewing or if you simply wish to edit when a video becomes available to view, you can do so by adjusting your folder’s availability setting or by configuring availability at the video level.

You can also choose the duration of a video’s availability during the term. Please note, any adjustments made on the parent folder level will automatically be inherited by any created subfolders or videos. You can override these settings at any time. 

Adjusting parent folder availability default settings - never unless set on session

If you wish to change the video viewing settings so that videos are hidden from students by default see the step by step guide below.  Please note that any adjustments made at the parent folder level will also automatically be inherited by any subfolders or videos within that folder.

Step 1: Log into Canvas and locate your course.  

Step 2: Select Panopto Course Videos.  This will take you to your parent folder.  

Step 3: Click on the gear icon (folder settings) in the upper right.

Step 4: Select Settings then scroll down to the Availability section.

Step 5: Locate the Sessions become available section.  You’ll see that by default the   folder setting is set to have videos become available immediately.  

Step 6: To hide videos by default select never (unless set on the session)

Now any videos uploaded or recorded into this folder will not be available to students by default.

Adjusting video availability settings

If you’ve adjusted your parent folder settings to hide videos by default you’ll now receive a message below your video(s) that the session(s) are Not available to viewers. To make a video available or set a publishing schedule:

Step 1: Hover over your video.  This will bring up additional setting options.  Select Settings

Step2: In the Overview tab, scroll down to the Availability section. Here you can choose when a session becomes available. 

If you want to make the video available right away select now 

If you want to set this video to be available at a future date and time select starting and add a date + time.


You can also set when the video availability ends by assigning an end date to Session remains available by selecting until and adding a date + time.  By default the session will stay with its folder (forever).

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