4 Courses Required

With the new Stanford REV Program, you'll learn key skills necessary to bring your ideas to fruition. You will build a business model, develop your product concept, create fundraising and business development strategies, and practice the art of storytelling. By the end of this program, you'll walk away equipped with the tools needed to refresh and refine your business plan and to validate your idea's viability. And you'll be able to repeat the process for every new idea you have.

Guided by Stanford faculty and industry professionals with decades of experience building and financing companies, this program will lay out the practical mechanics of bringing your disruptive business ideas to reality.

What REV can do:

Through online coursework and feedback, REV, the Stanford entrepreneurship program, offers entrepreneurs and engineers a pragmatic framework for business ideation, development and application.

We are looking for participants who:

  • Show a commitment to innovation and a desire to bring an idea to fruition
  • Have general business acumen, with or without formal degrees
  • Can devote a minimum of three hours a week to REV course work


An approved application is required to enroll. This will help us evaluate your readiness for our program content so that you can successfully achieve your objectives. Applications can be submitted online any-time.

Additional Details

Earning the Certificate

Any REV program course can be taken individually. To earn a certificate, you must complete all four courses in the curriculum. We recommend taking the courses in sequential order, starting with XREV110.

Each course is a collection of modules that are thematically interlinked. There is a final project deliverable at the end of each course that must be completed and reviewed by our entrepreneurship coaches to earn a Record of Completion. The entrepreneurship coaches will also provide you with feedback on your final assignments to help refine, evaluate and validate the progress on your idea.


  • $995 per online course
  • $3,980 for the certificate

Time to Complete Certificate

The program's online courses are self-paced and available on-demand for 60 days after the date of enrollment. This enables you to complete the program at your own pace. Each course takes roughly 8-10 hours to complete depending on your familiarity with the topic and experience with online learning.

Our pacing recommendation for courses of this length is to complete each course within 30 days. To be on track, we recommend that you plan to spend approximately two to three hours per week on the course.



Stanford REV Program Application