4 Courses Required

The financial services industry is changing rapidly and significantly, relying on data and information technology to drive business decisions and manage risk. In this certificate program, you will learn to understand and apply concepts like data analysis, probability, decision-making, investment science, risk, uncertainty and machine learning to your work. Taught by accomplished financial experts, the courses in this program provide a theoretical and practical framework in which you'll be challenged to solve real world problems in the finance field.

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You Will Learn

  • A broad overview of finance and data analytics topics from an engineering perspective
  • The ins and outs of applied data analysis, and a conceptual framework for thinking about data from both a statistical and machine-learning perspective
  • Deeper insights into probabilistic reasoning and potential outcomes that inform decision-making
  • How to develop models of real-world systems and gain familiarity with commonly used stochastic models
  • How to navigate challenges from a practical perspective, through the use of case studies and real-world examples

Earning the Certificate

  • Tailor the certificate to your interests and career goals
  • Begin your certificate on any academic quarter an applicable course is offered, subject to prerequisites
  • Take courses for graduate credit and a grade
  • Maintain a B-average (GPA of 3.0), or better
  • Complete the certificate in one of two ways: complete 1 course from the required statistics section and 3 courses from the required financial analytics section or complete 2 courses from each section.
  • Complete a total of 4 courses.

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  • One year of college level calculus (through calculus of several variables, such as CME100 or MATH51
  • Basic knowledge of calculus, statistics, programming languages, MATLAB, and finance/accounting basics can be helpful for this certificate
  • A conferred Bachelor’s degree with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better


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Tuition is based on the number of units you take. See our Tuition & Fees page for more information.

Time to Complete Certificate

On average, students complete the certificate within 1-2 years.


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