3 Courses Required

Led by Stanford d.school's Perry Klebahn and Jeremy Utley, the Stanford Innovation at Work workshop series give professionals of all industries an easy and affordable opportunity to bring design thinking into their organizations.

Following the 3 online workshops - "Ideation," "Prototyping," and "Presentation," you and your team, colleagues and clients will get a thorough exposure to the theories and applications of design thinking, and receive lots of practice on using these tools and techniques to solve real-life challenges.

Additional Details

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Through the workshops, you will learn how to...

  • Create a culture of openness and innovation at your workplace
  • Apply Design Thinking techniques under the guidance of Stanford experts
  • Engage your employees and clients with high energy, fun exercises
  • Deliver and execute creative solutions to organization-specific challenges

Who Should Enroll

We welcome professionals from ALL roles and industries who are ready to:

  • Add Design Thinking to their problem-solving toolkit
  • Cultivate a work culture that embraces innovation and creativity
  • Lead their teams, colleagues or clients through a transforming learning experience

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How This Works

  • A selected individual, also known as "the Catalyst", is responsible for leading and facilitating the workshops. He/she will set a date for the workshop and register to receive access to all materials and instructions prior to leading the workshop for the group.
  • The Catalyst is also responsible for putting together the group for the workshop, scheduling activity dates, and leading all in-person activities. We recommend that each group be between 4-18 participants for the best experience.
  • Once you've reviewed all instructions, you're good to go - get ready to get out of your chairs and work together to bring design thinking to life!

If you'd like to delay workshop access to align with the scheduled date of your workshop, please contact us after registration.


$350.00 for access to each individual workshop.

Only one person from the group will be responsible for tuition payment – your team, colleagues, and clients get to participate for free!

For long-term content licensing prices, please contact us for more information.

Completing the Workshops

All 3 online workshops are self-paced and available on-demand for 14 days after the date of initial registration. This enables you and your group to complete them at your own pace.

We recommend that you complete all 3 workshops in the order of "Ideation," "Prototyping," and "Presentation." However, each workshop can be taken individually if preferred.

Each individual workshop takes roughly 2-3 hours to complete, and we recommend that the catalyst has access to the course content at least 2 days prior to the planned date for the group workshop.

To modify the default access date to align with the scheduled date of your workshop, please contact us after registration.