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11.4.20: Panopto Software Bug RESOLVED

The Panopto release on November 5 at 2:34 UTC (November 4, 6:34 PM Pacific Time) contained a software defect in Panopto’s LTI integration with Canvas.

The Panopto software bug temporarily afforded students who were already enrolled in a course incorrect permissions (“Creator” access) to view lecture videos within their course that faculty had not yet published. This occurred if enrolled students clicked on the Panopto Course Videos link within the Canvas learning management system. During the affected time period, two students viewed or downloaded course lectures prematurely. No students were provided administrative privileges, and no private data or student information was exposed. These incorrect permissions were purely the result of a Panopto software defect and not an external actor. The problem was reported to Panopto twelve hours after the software release, was corrected within three hours, and inappropriate permissions were revoked within three and a half hours of reporting.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at panoptohelp@stanford.edu.

9.21.20: Zoom-Panopto Integration Goes Live

Beginning Autumn Quarter 2020, any Stanford course meetings that are scheduled and recorded to the Zoom cloud through the Canvas Zoom tool will now be automatically imported into the Panopto Course Videos tool. Read more