Panopto FAQs

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a video capture and delivery platform available to any teaching team via the Canvas LMS. More popular features include video content management, the ability to self-capture and publish videos, single sign-on via Canvas, and in-video quizzing. To learn more visit the  Introduction to Panopto Video.

How do students access their lecture videos for the term?

Please see our How to access lecture videos PDF.

Who do I contact if I’m having issues viewing / accessing video content?

Please go through our FAQs or contact 

I am supporting an instructor can I get admin level access to Panopto?

The instructor can add you as a Course Admin, Teaching Assistant or Instructor to the Canvas course page under the People tab.  This will provide you with creator rights in Panopto. Admin access to Panopto is strictly for VPTL staff administrators. For any additional questions please contact  

How can I share my lectures with students?

Those who are enrolled in the course will be able to access the videos via the Course Videos tab.  Any questions about sharing content outside the enrolled students group, please contact

Can I create folders that students cannot see?

If you want to create folders in your Course Videos tab that are not visible to students (hidden folders) see this PDF here.  


What is the Panopto Zoom integration?

Beginning Fall 2020 any course meetings that are scheduled and recorded to the Zoom cloud through the Canvas Zoom tool on your Canvas course page will automatically be imported into the Panopto Course Videos tool. During the Fall 2020 quarter, videos recorded through the Canvas Zoom tool will remain in both the Zoom and Panopto clouds. In future quarters however, videos recorded through the Canvas Zoom tool will be automatically deleted from the Zoom Cloud once Panopto confirms the recording has been successfully uploaded into its ecosystem. Zoom sessions that have not been scheduled via the Canvas Zoom tool will not be affected. For more information, please visit this page to read how Zoom integration works.

What are the most important things to ensure that my Zoom recordings get auto-imported into Panopto?

  1. The Panopto Course Videos tool must be on your course navigation.  If it is not there by default, here is how to enable Panopto on your course.  
  2. *Click on the Panopto Course Videos tool to activate Panopto.*  
  3. Zoom sessions must be scheduled in the Canvas Zoom tool.
  4. The scheduled Zoom session on the Canvas Zoom tool must be recorded to the cloud.

My scheduled Zoom sessions in the Canvas Zoom tool are not importing into my Panopto Course Videos tool, what do I do?

If you are scheduling your Zoom sessions in your Canvas Zoom tool and recording to the cloud and are not seeing these sessions into the Panopto Course Videos tool, please try the following:

  1. Be sure that the Panopto Course Videos (PCV) tool is enabled on your Canvas course navigation.  Visit this how to enable Panopto page for more details. 
  2. After your Panopto Course Videos (PCV) is on your course navigation, click on the PCV tool.  This will sync the PCV tool to Canvas. 

Moving forward sessions scheduled in the Canvas Zoom tool should automatically import into the PCV.  To import previous sessions, please download the sessions from your “Zoom portal,” and upload to Panopto.  For more information on how to upload videos into Panopto please see this Uploading Content page.

What happens if transfer of recording fails to upload in Panopto? 

Panopto Admins will become aware of the failure after Panopto tries and fails to import the session three times.  If the alert comes within 24 hours Panopto can restore the video for you.  After 24 hours we may need to download the asset from Zoom and manually import it into Panopto.  Please contact should you have any questions.

Will recordings of imported meetings, originally created in my Zoom portal, automatically import into the Panopto Course Videos tab?

No.  Only sessions that are scheduled directly within the Canvas Zoom tool will be imported.  Please contact for any questions. 

How long will it take for my Zoom session to show up in the Panopto Course Videos tool?

Publishing latency will vary based on Zoom servers.  Please note that once the video is in the Panopto Course Videos tool it will then process in the Panopto cloud for adaptive bitrate streaming playback and uses optical character recognition and automated speech recognition to index your video for any spoken word or word that shows up in the slide to be searchable throughout your entire lecture. 

Will my Zoom videos be available for students to watch right away?

Videos in the Panopto Course Videos tab will automatically be available for viewing by students by default.  To change the default settings please visit our Getting Started Publishing page.

Will my Zoom videos be available for download in the Panopto Course Videos tool?

By default videos in the Panopto Course Videos tool will not be available for download.  For more information on downloading videos in Panopto please see this Canvas article.

How long will my lectures live on Panopto?

Currently there is no retention policy for videos that live on Panopto.  Videos will live on Panopto indefinitely.


Self-Capture and Self-Publishing

I’d like to learn more about the Create button

Please visit Panopto to learn more. 

How do I install the Panopto recorder for Windows?

Visit this How to install the Panopto recorder for Windows video.


How do I install the Panopto recorder for Mac? 

Visit this How to install the Panopto recorder for Mac video page and scroll to second video.  

Note: Panopto for Mac is not supported on Apple computers running a 32-bit CPU architecture.


How do I record with Panopto for Windows?

Please visit this how to record with Panopto for windows article.  For any additional questions please contact,

Where do I find more information on recording basic and advanced settings?

Please visit this Windows basic and advanced recording settings article.

What are the recording best practices?

To learn more about recording best practices please visit this article here.


Uploading Content

How do I upload a video to my course? 

Watch this quick video tutorial or visit this article here.

Why does the processing fail when uploading a video?

Please see this article on why your file may have failed during processing.

My video is upside down, how do I fix?

Please note that the HEVC codec is not fully supported by Panopto. This is the native recording codec used on iOS devices. This typically seems to be the reason why videos are uploaded upside down. You'll have to turn off / adjust the iOS setting prior to recording content and uploading it to Panopto. Please refer to this article on how to adjust the iOS setting.

What kind of files can I upload to Panopto, and are there size limits?

There are no file size limits.  Please note, Panopto does not currently support the HEVC codec.  If you’d like to learn more about supported file types, please visit this article here.  If you run into issues uploading content please contact

Can I upload a PDF to my video?

Yes, please visit this How to Upload a PDF into a Video article.

Can I upload a Zoom session to my Course Videos page?

Yes you can download your Zoom session from your portal and upload the content to the Course Videos tab in Canvas via the Create > Upload Media button. You must be the host of the Zoom session in-order to download the content. For more information on how to upload a video file to your Course Videos tab, please visit this How to Upload Video Files page.



How do I edit a video in Panopto?

Please see the how to edit a video in Panopto or contact for more information.

How do I add or edit the table to contents for my video? 

Please visit this how to add a table of contents article.

How do I embed a YouTube video to my lecture?

Please visit this how to embed a YouTube video article.

How do I add slides to my lecture?

Please visit this how to add and edit slides article. 

Can I upload a PDF to my video?

Yes, please visit this how to Upload a PDF into a Video article.

Can I suture two different Panopto videos / clips to make one new video?

1.     Hover over the video you want to edit. Select Edit this will launch Panopto’s native non-destructive editor in a new tab

2.     On your timeline move the playhead (the red bar) to the point in the sequence where you would like to add your new video / clip

3.     Select + (Add content button) > Add a Clip


This will open a new window and provide you the option to choose which content you’d like to add to your timeline.

4.     Select your video / clip and Insert

5.     Your timeline will now show you that the chosen video / clip has now been inserted into your sequence based on where you placed your playhead (the red bar) 


6.     Be sure to select Apply to save your changes in the upper right.

What is the difference between Adding a Video and Merging a Video into an existing clip / lecture?

  • Add a clip is when you combine two videos together to make one longer video.  
  • Merge a clip is adding additional shots to the existing video.  Editing is required.
Add a Clip

Example, when you choose to edit a clip / lecture A (two minutes) + add a clip / lecture B (two minutes) you get clip / lecture AB that is four minutes long.  

(Clip / lecture A - two minutes) 



(Clip / lecture B - two minutes)

= (Clip / lecture AB - four minutes)


When you select a clip / lecture,  C (two minutes) to merge into clip / lecture D (two minutes) you get clip / lecture CD that is still two minutes long.  You choose which shots you’d like to include in the final version of the video.  

(Clip / Lecture C two minutes)


(Clip / Lecture D two minutes)

= (Combination of clip / lecture CD two minutes)

Can I segment one lecture into smaller segments using the Panopto editor?

Yes, the first step is determining how many segments you need --- this is how many copies of the original video you would need to make. Copy your lectures.  See this how to copy or move your videos PDF. Name your segments accordingly and trim the excess parts for each video. See this Panopto article on How to Trim your video.  



How do I adjust publishing dates?

Please visit how to publish videos using the availability workflow documentation or see our short how to adjust availability video.

I need my teaching team to publish Panopto video lectures.  Do I have to add them to folders?

No. Anyone with the roles in Canvas of Teaching Assistant, Course Admin, Teacher or Designer have Creator rights in Panopto / your course folder. This provides them the same level of access that you have to all folders, and videos. Students and Observer Canvas roles are seen as Viewers in Panopto and can only view content you make available.

Can I share my video links outside of Canvas?

No. Sharing links outside of the Course Videos tab and or Canvas may cause access issues and is highly discouraged. Please refer to this Teach Anywhere site on guidelines around making lectures publicly available.

How can I get the OAE to have full approval rights without needing me or my teaching team to publish / approve the video(s) first?

The person assigned to add captions to your video will first need to be provided with Course Admin access to your Canvas course via the People tab. Check under the Course Videos tab > Share settings that no one else is added with the Can Publish Panopto role. For further support please contact

How to I add Captions to my video file?

See this How to Add Captions to Panopto Videos support page provided by the OAE. 


What type of analytics are available to teaching teams?

Teaching teams can view folder or session stats.  

Folder Level:  graph will show Views (number of views across the folder and subfolders), Unique Visitors(number of unique people who have accessed videos in the folder), and Minutes Delivered (number of minutes streamed and downloaded combined for the folder).

Session Level: This graph will show Views (number of views for that particular session), Unique Visitors(number of unique people who have accessed the session), and Minutes Delivered (number of minutes streamed and downloaded for the session).

What Canvas roles have access to analytics?

Those with Course Admin, Teacher, Course Designer, and Teaching Assistant roles in Canvas have access to course folder, session and user analytics.  Student and Observer roles do not have access to this information. 

What type of analytics are available to students?

None.  Student and Observer roles in Canvas do not have access to this information.

Can I schedule a report?

Please contact 

Can I find the most commonly searched terms in analytics?

Panopto does not currently offer this feature.  We are working to make this available in future.  Please contact us for more information,



How do I create an in-video quiz?

See this quick how to create an in-video quiz video.

How do I tie my in-video quiz to the Gradebook?

Please see this How to Tie your in-video quiz PDF.

What type of quizzes can you add to a video?

There are four different types of quizzes that you can add to a video.  True or False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select or Fill-in-the-Blank.


Assignment Folders

What is an assignment folder?

An Assignment Folder is created by an instructor, Course Admin or Teaching Assistant.  This folder will allow students to submit assignments via video. Similar to what teaching teams have access to in the record a new session feature.  By default students cannot see other student’s video submissions. If you wish for students to see each others video submissions, you can enable this from cog icon in the upper right.  You can also watch this How to add an assignment folder video for more information or contact

How do I add an assignment folder?

See our how to add an assignment folder video for more information. You can also contact