Course Videos Extensions

Panopto Course Videos extensions after the end of the quarter for Instructors

At the end of the term Viewers (anyone with the role of student or observer in Canvas) will no longer have access to video recordings under the Panopto Course Videos tool, typically the Sunday after grades are due. This policy is aligned with the Canvas Zoom recordings extension policy found here. For privacy and to ensure compliance with the TEACH Act, recordings should not be generally accessible to students beyond the end of the term.

Creators (anyone with the role of Course Administrator, Teacher or Teaching Assistant on Canvas) will still have access to their video lectures. If you require students to have access to this content after the term ends you will have to have a documented purpose for needing access to them such as a student with an incomplete or a staff member who needs access for purposes directly related to their instructional responsibilities for the course.

Without such a purpose, recordings should not be reshared with students if the video contains third-party content which you did not receive express permission to use. If you are willing to edit the video, please see the two options below.  For those teaching courses supported by SCPD please contact

Extending Panopto Course Videos for courses that had the Panopto tab enabled during the term:

If you had the Panopto Course Videos tab enabled during the term and need to reshare lectures with previously enrolled students, you would need to:

  1. Edit the recordings to remove third-party content which you did not receive express permission to use.
    1. If your videos do not contain any third-party content, skip to step two and please make the Canvas and Panopto team aware via email confirmation that your videos do not contain third-party content. 
  2. Contact and to request reopening access for students.  
  3. Include an access end date and SUNet ID(s)

Extending lecture access to students who were enrolled in your course if you did not have the Panopto Course Videos tool enabled on your Canvas course page

If you would like to reshare your lectures, for example from Zoom, in the Panopto Course Videos tab please follow the steps below:

  1. Email the Canvas Support Team at to enable the Panopto Course Videos tool in your Canvas course (GSB faculty should contact the Teaching and Learning Hub for Panopto alternatives). Please include the URL of the course in your email and affirm that your videos will not include any third-party content to expedite the process.
  2. Upload videos to Panopto
  3. Use Panopto to edit video to remove third-party material for which you have not obtained express permission to use.
  4. Please contact and to confirm third party content has been removed and provide an access end date.