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Stanford Program Issues 1000th certificate


Taliesha Garrett with family

Stanford’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate program gave out it’s 1000th certificate to working professional Taleisha Garrett, a senior leader at Boeing Corporation. The professional education program, now in its 10th year, provides a breadth and depth of learning in entrepreneurship and innovation to professionals around the world.

Course content is designed by Stanford faculty from both the Stanford School of Engineering and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, two schools that have been at the forefront of innovation. Groundbreaking research and teaching by these schools helped lay the technological and business foundations of Silicon Valley, and the program draws upon this experience to educate and inspire working professionals, helping them find innovative solutions to today’s global challenges.

Participants can choose from a portfolio of 14 online courses, available through Stanford Online, which is operated by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. Each course consists of online lecture videos, self-paced assignments, and a final exam. Learners enjoy a great deal of flexibility to select courses that interest them and take courses at their own pace, either individually or in a sequence. They are also encouraged to engage with fellow participants and, as a result, foster professional networks around the world.

Garrett earned her Professional Certificate by completing eight courses in the program, demonstrating mastery of the concepts and a preparedness to apply those concepts to her work and community. She was honored along with other certificate earners in a ceremony earlier this year.

A free introductory course, Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship, provides prospective learners with an overview of some of the topics in the program.

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