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Stanford’s Zoom-Panopto Integration Goes Live

By Beth Curran

Panopto cover illustration

Beginning this Autumn Quarter 2020, any Stanford course meetings that are scheduled and recorded to the Zoom cloud through the Canvas Zoom tool will now be automatically imported into the Panopto Course Videos tool.

Most faculty have become very familiar with Zoom as the go-to platform for live interaction, and a growing number are learning the benefits of using Panopto. The integration of Zoom recordings into Panopto provides enhanced control for faculty and instructors, who now have the ability to: 

  • Set video visibility and access dates
  • Allow for downloads to be available at the course, folder or video level
  • Edit content, add clips and have these edits reflected in the downloaded version of the video 
  • Keep videos live in the Panopto library indefinitely and access their video lectures after the end of the term

Classes recorded to the cloud on Zoom and scheduled through the Canvas LTI tool are now automatically routed to each course's consolidated library of learning materials in Panopto.

The integration enables students to view Zoom recordings in Panopto’s enhanced video player and provides students with the ability to search for any spoken word as well as words appearing on a slide. With the Zoom-Panopto integration, it’s also easier for faculty to reshare lectures with former students using video access extensions as needed and for approved uses.   

SCPD manages the Stanford license of Panopto university-wide, with the exception of the Graduate School of Business and the School of Medicine who operate their own video-capture systems and licenses. SCPD worked in close collaboration with the Information Security Office, University Information Technology, Stanford Continuing Studies and the Canvas team at Learning Technologies and Spaces to facilitate the Zoom-Panopto integration. Faculty can explore the features of remote lecture capture using Zoom and Panopto at or schedule a 1:1 consultation with the SCPD team at

The Zoom-Panopto integration is one of several enhancements SCPD has made to support faculty and instructors in the remote delivery of education. This past summer the team installed new video conferencing systems in all SCPD-managed classrooms, adding self-service features that can be used by individual faculty and instructors without requiring the on-site presence of an SCPD operator. SCPD is also working on a video blurring project, which will enable streamlined reuse of course lectures by auto-scrubbing of faces for compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This project, which will be piloted winter quarter, uses machine learning algorithms to anonymize students in a recorded classroom lecture. 

SCPD is available to support teaching teams in the utilization of different pedagogical approaches and technologies to improve faculty impact and learner outcomes. Learn more at Learning Innovation or contact us at 

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