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Stanford Hosts Remote Lecture with Medical Students in Rwanda


University of Global Health Equity

In the hills of the Butaro district of northern Rwanda sits the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE), the first private medical school in Rwanda. Located 80 miles north of Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, the school is located in a rural, hilly area filled with small plots where farmers tend to crops of cassava, potatoes, tea, and coffee. Rwanda’s economy is mostly based on subsistence agriculture, and in these rural regions, few people have access to healthcare.

The university, which opened their Butaro Academic Campus last year, aims to change that with their vision of “a world where every individual—no matter who they are or where they live— can lead a healthy and productive life.” They hope to transform medical education and medical care for the rural poor, serving as a model for more equitable health care in Rwanda and around the globe. To do that, UGHE has teamed up with the Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE).

SCHE, working with Stanford Medicine faculty and educational technology staff, is advising the University of Global Health Equity on their educational technology strategy and recommending audio/visual solutions to enable remote teaching and learning in their classrooms. This past month Stanford Medicine faculty members Sakti Srivastava, Miguel Angeles, and Beth Habelow led a remote, interactive session on anatomy, focusing on the upper and lower limbs, working alongside UGHE anatomy faculty Joshua Owolabi.

The session’s seamless two-way communication between UGHE students and Stanford faculty was made possible by a year-long AV project enhancement to enable remote connections with institutions across the globe. Erfan Mojaddam and Tain Barzso from SCHE/Stanford Medicine’s technology staff worked closely with UGHE’s IT team, led by IT Specialist Clement Muhire, to design and implement classrooms conducive to a collaborative and global learning experience.

There will be continued collaboration with UGHE and Stanford Medicine including quarterly anatomy lectures and in-person visits by Stanford faculty.

UGHE partners with Stanford Center for Health Education

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