Our Mission & Values


We enable and support faculty & instructors in online and extended education, facilitating the creation and delivery of engaging, high-quality content that leverages world-class pedagogy and educational technology and tools.

We are a leader in global and extended education, with a rich history of delivering credit-bearing, professional, custom, free and open-access education to learners everywhere.

We are a learning organization. We are deliberate and conscientious in the design of both program content and the learning journey, emphasizing a learner-centric focus, real-world context, iterative improvement, and continuous innovation.

We bring a Stanford education to those for whom it is otherwise inaccessible, connecting learners from all demographics and organizations around the world to Stanford faculty and knowledge.


We’re here for you - With dedication, empathy, and commitment, we work in service and support of our faculty and instructors, students and learners, and each other.

The relationship always comes first - Strong connections and deep relationships are the foundations for building successful and long-lasting collaborations with our faculty, departments, schools, centers and the university community as a whole. The same value guides our work with collaborators around the world. 

We strive to do the right thing and do it well - We dedicate our individual and collective skills, talents, and experience to doing excellent work and living up to the high standards of our faculty, instructors, and learners.

What makes us different makes us stronger - We strive for diversity of thought, experience, and perspective in all things so that our solution-oriented teams and partnerships are constantly learning and innovating.

We value and support the educational journey of all learners, whether residential students, working professionals, organizations and groups, or lifelong learners.

We embrace an innovative mindset, where everyone can learn to think differently, solve real-world challenges, and make an impact on global issues.