Learning Collaborators

Graduate Orientation on Campus

We facilitate collaborations on campus and around the world.

At Stanford

We help facilitate and support connections among faculty and staff across departments, schools, and centers. We are a part of the School of Engineering, where innovation has been at the forefront of learning and groundbreaking research.

We work in close collaboration with the Stanford Center for Health Education (SCHE), a part of Stanford Medicine, helping extend health education to a global community of health professionals and to communities around the world, creating a more informed public, and improving health outcomes in some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Global Collaborators

We foster relationships between Stanford and companies, organizations, regions, governments, higher education, and healthcare. We offer learners around the world access to Stanford Online, Stanford’s robust catalog of extended education and lifelong learning opportunities, including a large portfolio of free and accessible content.

Third Party Platforms & Learning Collaborators

Most of Stanford Online’s global and extended education is delivered directly via Stanford platforms, but we do collaborate with third-party organizations to offer specialized educational content, regional context, and increased access for learners. View our list of third party learning collaborators here.