Editing Basics

Editing Lectures in Panopto Course Videos - Basics

Panopto provides teaching teams with access to a non-destructive editor accessible within the Panopto Course Videos tab.  This basic guide will show you how to trim your video for simple clean-up. 

Hover over the session and click Edit – this will launch the Panopto editor in a new tab. 

Panopto assumes you will be trimming your video so by default the scissor icon is auto selected for you.   

To edit out the start or end of the video, hover over the beginning or end of the timeline. A dark gray edit handle will appear. Click and drag the edit handle to trim the video.  The grey area represents what will be cut out of the final video.

To cut a section from the middle of the video, position the cursor over the point you would like to start the edit, click and drag to the right and then let go at the point you want the cut to finish. This will remove the area highlighted in grey from the video.

Select Apply on the upper right of the page to save all changes.

Making More Accurate Cuts

You can use the magnifying glass on the right to zoom in on the timeline so you can see the audio or video file in more detail to make more accurate cuts.

The cuts tab is also in the editor on the left. This area shows every cut that has been made and puts it into a list.  

You can edit the cuts here as well as on the timeline.Click on the three dots next to a cut in the cuts tab and select Edit. Here you can adjust the start and end time based on minutes and seconds if you need to make a very fine edit. 

00:00:00:00 = Hour:Minutes:Seconds:Hundredth of a seconds

Editing Tips

Undo and Redo 

You can always undo your last action with the Undo button in the top area. Or Redo if you change your mind. 

Previewing Edits

By default the Preview cuts during playback is auto selected when you open the editor.  This will give you the ability to watch / preview the cuts you made to your video. 

Delete a Cut

You can easily delete cuts from the Cuts tab by hovering over the cut you want to delete ( three dots will appear) Click on the three dots and select Delete.

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