Custom Programs For Groups

SCPD Customs Programs

Get the knowledge, skills, and tools you and your organization need to succeed through our group and custom programs. Whether you are a small or large group, an entire company or organization, or even a regional association or government, we can help your team collaborate more deeply, communicate more effectively, and get ahead.

Do you have a small group of 5-10 people? Expand the impact in your organization by enrolling as a group in a Stanford Online course or program. Learning together, teams can return to work with a shared knowledge base, mission, and mindset. Contact us at

Or, are you interested in an educational program for a larger group tailored to your specific organization’s needs? Our custom programs team can help. Find out more below and complete our Contact Us form.

Customized Leadership Education


Customized Leadership Education Delivered Online

Virtual leadership program blends a Stanford education with company-specific learning

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Proven curriculum tailored for your organization’s unique needs

Drawing on Stanford’s world-class teaching and research as well as countless collaborations with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and government officials, we have developed a proven approach to learning that combines leadership, strategy, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

You can choose from lightly-customized versions of our open enrollment programs or specialized solutions designed in collaboration with your organization. We will work with you to create a custom learning experience that will enable you to solve your own real-world challenges long after you’ve left the classroom.

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Our team of program design experts will work with you to determine your educational goals. Through exploratory meetings, they’ll assist you in articulating your specific challenges so you’re sure to get the program results that addresses your particular needs.

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You’ll work with Stanford faculty to engineer a program framework that acknowledges your organization's purpose and culture.

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Our team will work with faculty to build a curriculum and develop materials for you to review. Your program might have many different elements, including action-learning modules, case studies, guest lecturers, and site visits.

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More than a casual conversation about what worked and what didn’t work, our post-program analysis will allow us to determine why things happened. We’ll restate our original objectives, review results, and dig deep into what we should do next to continue to get great results.

Stanford and the Silicon Valley

You will study the frameworks designed by Stanford faculty who have helped launch and lead scores of successful Silicon Valley companies. You will hear the results of their pioneering research and real-world insights on applying technology at scale in Silicon Valley companies that excel in disruption and innovation.

Customized Delivery

Whether you are seeking a fully-immersive experience for a group of senior leaders or want to make an organization-wide shift in mindset, we have a program for you. Choose from in-person or online programs, or like many of our clients, design your own blended version to meet your organization’s needs.

Global Online Learning


Influence individuals throughout your organization and across the globe with flexible, online learning programs. By providing learning to many, you’ll be able to cultivate a true cultural shift.

At Stanford Campus

At Stanford, in the Silicon Valley

Bring a group of 20—or more—people to the Stanford campus for a deeply immersive experience in an environment designed for collaboration and exploration. We’re located in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing you with the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most innovative technology and social media companies.

Customized learning experience

At Your Location

In this uniquely Stanford opportunity, faculty and staff will come to your location, bringing new ideas and skills to larger groups, with little disruption to your organization.

Transforming Business During Critical Times


Transforming Business During Critical Times

Stanford corporate education program offered virtually

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Construction Del Burj Khalifa


Custom Program Builds Capacity in the UAE

Scaling Innovation Talent Throughout a Region 

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Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Lille, France


Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Lille, France

Entrepreneurship education customized to a region 

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