Uploading Content

Upload a Video File to Panopto

If you have a video file that you recorded in Zoom, another screen capture software, or on your iPad, you can upload it to Panopto for your students to view. 

The below assumes that Panopto has already been enabled on your Canvas course page - If you do not have this enabled - watch this How to Enable Panopto video or visit this page.


  1. To upload video files to Panopto - Log onto your Canvas course page - canvas.stanford.edu

  1. Locate your course on your dashboard

  1. Click on the Course Videos tab

Upload New Content

  1. Click the Create button at the top of the page then select Upload Media.

  1. If you have multiple folders you can choose which folder to upload to by clicking the drop-down menu located to the right of “Add files to.”  Your video will by default upload to your main Course Videos folder. Drag and drop the video file(s) or click inside of the box to select the file from your computer. You can drop multiple files into the video upload window at one time to create multiple sessions.

  1. Files will automatically start to upload.  The progress will be displayed in the window.  We recommend .mp4/h.264 filetypes. Video bitrate, aspect ratio, file size, and video length will impact the time it takes for videos to process.*Please note* you must leave this window open until “Upload complete.  You can close this window now.” appears.

  1. The video will continue to process within the designated folder. 

  1. Once the video is published onto your designated folder - all your students should be able to access the content.

Should you have issues with the video please contact panoptohelp@stanford.edu

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