Getting Started

Record Your Lecture with Panopto

Panopto allows you to record your lecture including your audio, video, and whatever you show on your desktop. When you are done recording the video gets published to Canvas allowing your students to view it on-demand.

The below assumes that Panopto has already been enabled on your Canvas course page - If you do not have this enabled - watch this How to Enable Panopto video or visit this page.


  1. To record lectures via Panopto - Log onto your Canvas course page -

  1. Locate your course on your dashboard

  1. Click on the Course Videos tab

Create New Content

  1. To record a session click the create button at the top of the page

  1. Select Record a New Session


  1. If you’ve already installed the Panopto recorder, click “Open Panopto.” If this is the first time you have accessed Panopto, you will be prompted to download the Panopto recorder on your computer. Click the “Download Panopto” button. 

Panopto installation

  1. The recorder will begin to download. Once the download is complete launch the installer to install Panopto on your computer.

For a full walk through of installation visit these Panopto Installation for Mac and Windows Videos: Download Panopto for Windows | Download Panopto for Mac 


  1. Once the software has been installed, click “Open Panopto”


  1. Open link (Win) / Open Panopto (MacOS) - This will launch the Panopto recorder

Panopto Recorder

  1. Configure your session settings

  • Folder - Sessions will automatically default to upload to your Canvas course page accessible via the Course Videos tab.

  • Name (on Windows) / Session (on Mac) - Default name will be date of capture

  • Webcast - Enable the webcast feature to allow your students to tune in live (40 second latency) Session will be accessible via the Course Videos tab.


Choose Video, Auto and Quality options
  1. Choose your video and audio inputs, and your video quality (Windows only).

  • Video - Will default to your computer's webcam. You can choose to disable.  

  • Auto - Source must be chosen in order to record.

  • Quality (Windows only) - We recommend choosing Ultra.

  We recommend not using the Capture Computer Audio feature as it may throw off the AV sync.

Choose Secondary Sources

  1. Choose the sources you want Panopto to capture

Windows Secondary Sources

Select Secondary Sources

  • Capture PowerPoint -  Select capture powerpoint if you plan on presenting slides with PowerPoint.  This will index your slides in the final video.  

  • Capture Main Screen - This functions as the screencapture. 

  • Add Another Video Source - Only choose something here for advanced use-cases.


To learn more about the advanced settings available in Panopto please visit: How to Use Panopto for Windows Basic and Advanced Recording Settings article

Mac Secondary Sources

Choose your Slides and Secondary Sources


  • Record PowerPoint -  Select capture powerpoint if you plan on presenting slides with PowerPoint.  This will index your slides in the final video. Must be in presenter mode.

  • Record Keynote - This will index your slides in the final video. Must be in presenter mode.

Secondary Sources

  • Secondary 1 - Choose “Built-in-Display” to create a typical screencapture.

  • Secondary 2 - Only choose something here for advanced use-cases.

  1. Select Record - The session will automatically start recording there is no countdown.

  1. Once you are done - Select Stop and Done

Publishing and Distribution

  1. Once your video begins to upload it will start to process and publish.  Turnaround times vary depending on the length of your capture. The video(s) will auto-publish to the designated folder. 

*During the processing phase Panopto is processing your capture to include optical character recognition and automated speech recognition to index every spoken word or word that shows up in the slide to be searchable throughout your entire video.

  1. Your video is now on the list of lecture videos and students will be able to access the recording

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