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Stanford eSeries



Exclusive to the mystanfordconnection community, this 5-hour online video series showcases Stanford-educated entrepreneurs and engineers sharing their insight, thought leadership, and experience. Speakers include:

David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

Follow your passion. Hire great people. Focus on the process. David Kelley, founder and CEO of IDEO Product Development, grew up in smalltown Ohio. He came to the Graduate Product Design Program at Stanford, where he discovered his passion for design. One of the things he learned in graduate school was that you can use design in any situation in life. With IDEO, Kelley not only designs "stuff" everyday, but he designs—and constantly re-designs—a unique business model as well. It is not often you hear the CEO of a company say that he has never seen business success and growth as particularly important.  

In this engaging, witty presentation, Kelley shares valuable insight into how IDEO became the premier design consulting firm in the world. Find out what inspires him, how he develops innovative processes, and how he builds "hot teams." Learn how you can balance passion and business to achieve personal gratification and professional success.

Stanford Education: MS in Mechanical Engineering (1978)
Duration: 1hr 1min

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of NVIDIA

Every successful thing needs to be torn down and rebuilt. In more of an intimate conversation than a lecture, Huang relates his experience as an engineer, entrepreneur, and innovator. Find out how he meets the ever-constant challenge of re-invention as co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

After earning his M.S.E.E. at Stanford, Huang went on to work at LSI Logic and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. and founded NVIDIA in 1993. With a new and unique "perspective," Huang and his colleagues created new technology, new markets, new customers, and enjoyed astounding success. In 2008, Huang donated $30 million to help build a modern and sustainable destination for education and research, the Jen-Hsun Huang School of Engineering Center.

Stanford Education: MS in Electrical Engineering (1992)
Duration: 1hr 1min

Larry Page, CEO of Google


A healthy disregard for the impossible. In the first part of this seminar, the co-founder and CEO of Google gives a rare glimpse of what makes this company one of the most successful start-ups of all time. Some of his sage advice: don't settle; don't be afraid to solve the big problem; be an expert in all aspects; there is never enough measurement. Find out what a Googlette is, how to make great partnerships work, and how having a strong vision grounded in science and innovation, as well as a mission to do something that really matters, can lead to continued success.

In an enlightening Q & A session, Larry is joined by CEO Eric Schmidt. Students ask tough questions about beating out the competition, revenue generation, legal issues, and what the future might look like for Google. Discover what might go on behind the scenes when you submit your resume!

Stanford Education: MS and PhD in Computer Science
Duration: 1hr 4min

Sally Ride, Astronaut

If you are not scared, you probably don't know what you're getting into. Best known as the first American woman to travel in space, this Stanford grad is also a physicist, educator, author, and entreprenuer. Here, she relates the history of the Space Program—and her part in it—with her experience as co-founder of Imaginary Lines to demonstrate the importance of leadership within an organization.

Learn how leadership that stems from passion and vision articulating a common goal creates a company culture grounded in teamwork, imagination, and innovation.

Stanford Education: BA in English and BS in Physics (1973), MS in Physics (1975), PhD in Physics (1978)
Duration: 1hr 13min

Vinton Cerf, Inventor of the Internet protocol

Vinton Cerf discusses the future of his field in this historic lecture, anticipating major accomplishments that have come to pass and forecasting unsolved problems that will remain in 10 years.

Stanford Education: BS in Mathematics (1968)
Duration: 1hr 1min

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