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Course Offered Delivery Prereqs Enrollment
MS&E226 "Small" Data MS&E226 Autumn 2016-17 Online Y Not Available
MS&E240 Accounting for Managers and Entrepreneurs MS&E240 Summer 2016-17 Online Y Not Available
XSDR320 Advanced Decision Analysis XSDR320 Now Online Y Open
Image not available Algorithmic Trading XFIN114 Winter 2016-17 Hong Kong N Not Available
XSDR220 Biases in Decision-Making XSDR220 Now Online N Open
XSDR225 Collaborative Decision-Making and Negotiation XSDR225 Now Online N Open
MS&E347 Credit Risk: Modeling and Management MS&E347 Online Y Not Available
XSDR122 Decision Analysis XSDR122 Now Online N Open
MS&E252 Decision Analysis I: Foundations of Decision Analysis MS&E252 Autumn 2016-17 Online Y Not Available
MS&E352 Decision Analysis II: Professional Decision Analysis MS&E352 Winter 2016-17 Online Y Not Available
MS&E353 Decision Analysis III: Frontiers of Decision Analysis MS&E353 Now At Stanford Y Not Available
XSDR120 Decision Quality XSDR120 Now Online N Open