3 Courses Required

Data mining and predictive models are at the heart of successful information and product search, automated merchandizing, smart personalization, dynamic pricing, social network analysis, genetics, proteomics, and many other technology-based solutions to important problems in business.

The Data Mining and Applications graduate certificate introduces many of the important new ideas in data mining and machine learning, explains them in a statistical framework, and describes some of their applications to business, science, and technology.

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You Will Learn

  • Use statistical methods to extract meaning from large datasets
  • Develop and use predictive models and analytics
  • Understand and use strategic decision-making applications

Who Should Apply

  • Strategy managers
  • Scientific researchers
  • Medical researchers
  • Social sciences researchers
  • Data analysts and consultants
  • Advertising and Marketing professionals

Earning the Certificate

Students are required to take either STATS202 or STATS216 as their first course, completing with a B+ or better before moving on to the remaining courses. If electing to take both STATS202 and STATS216 toward the certificate, each course must be completed with a B+ or better. All other courses must be completed with a B or better to earn the certificate award.

  • Begin your certificate by taking STATS202 or STATS216 and receive a grade of B+ or better to continue the program, subject to prerequisites
  • If electing to take both STATS202 and STATS216, each course must be completed with a B+ or better. All other courses must be completed with a B or better.
  • Take all courses for graduate credit and a grade
  • Courses must be taken for 3 units of credit to qualify for certificate application


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  • Introductory courses in each of the three following areas: statistics or probability, linear algebra, computer programming (E.g. STATS 60, MATH 51, CS 105 or equivalent.)
  • An undergraduate degree with minimum GPA of 3.5 or equivalent


To pursue a graduate certificate you need to apply.


$10,080 - $11,880 (9 units)
to complete the certificate

Time to Complete Certificate

1-2 years average
3 years maximum to complete


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