Pursue a Stanford University Master of Science degree on a part-time basis through the Honors Cooperative Program (HCP). Many courses that contribute to the degrees we offer are available online during the academic quarters they are held on campus. But please note that some departments offer a limited number of online courses and therefore in those cases HCP students must be able to attend classes on campus. For details, check with the department.

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  • As an HCP student, you will be a fully matriculated graduate student of Stanford University, with the same student privileges, rights and responsibilities as a full-time residential student.
  • Come to campus at any time to attend class, meet with instructors and classmates, and use Stanford libraries.
  • While preparing your application, you may take individual courses for credit. Up to 18 graduate credit units earned while taking individual courses or earning a graduate certificate may be applied toward your degree program.
  • Access courses videos and complete all financial transactions for tuition and related fees through your mystanfordconnection account.