If you are taking an individual graduate course for credit or toward a graduate certificate or masters degree, by the close of the second week of each academic quarter you are required to designate an Exam Monitor who will administer and submit your completed exams to the Stanford Center for Professional Development. The Exam Monitor role is a critical component of earning Stanford academic credit at a distance and must be completed prior to the stated Exam Monitor designation deadline.

Designating an Exam Monitor

Please nominate an exam monitor through the "My Exam Monitors" section of your mystanfordconnection account

Exam monitors may be:

  • Company or immediate supervisors
  • Company HR representatives
  • Company Education coordinators
  • Local College/School representatives
  • Local Librarians
  • Tutor club representative
  • Official proctoring service

Exam monitors may not be:

  • Peers
  • Direct reports
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Former coworkers/supervisors
  • Fellow students

Nomination Process:

  • You must contact the person you would like to be your exam monitor and obtain their consent. It is your responsibility to nominate an acceptable exam monitor on your mystanfordconnection account. Your potential exam monitor will need to provide the following information to you before you can fill out your nomination:
    • Name
    • Employer
    • Title/position
    • Phone number
    • E-mail address
    • Address
  • If your exam monitor nomination is verified and approved, you and your exam monitor will receive an email stating the approval. You will now be able to link your exam monitor with your current course exam.
  • You will then contact your exam monitor to schedule each upcoming exam for your course. Exam logistics are set by the course teaching team so please contact them with any logistical questions.

Coming to Campus:

  • A course teaching team may allow you to come to campus to take an exam during the scheduled in class exam time. If you would like to take a course exam during this designated time, you will need to reach out to your course teaching team and have them confirm that request. Once approved, you will need to go to the “Exams” section of your mystanfordconnection account and click “Select an Exam Monitor” for your course. A drop down menu will appear and you can select the option “I would like to take this exam on campus”. If you come to campus for your exams, it is advised you still have an exam monitor on file to act in a backup capacity.

Exam Monitor Responsibilities

Consistent with the Stanford honor code, an exam monitor is not a proctor and will not need to be present in the same room with you during the duration of the exam. As would occur on campus, the exam monitor assures that there is a suitable space and any necessary materials available for you to complete your exam at a pre-designated time. It is the responsibility of your exam monitor to administer the exam and ensure that the academic integrity guidelines of Stanford University are being upheld. Each course exam will have specific instructions provided to your exam monitor prior to your scheduled exam date. Please look at the outlined exam process for you and your exam monitor.

Preparing for an exam:

  • Typically, a course teaching team will give a 24-hour window within which remote students can schedule and return their exam, but you will need to confirm the exam logistics with your course teaching team.
    • You are responsible for communicating the exam time frame with your exam monitor and scheduling a time to complete the exam. Any exceptions to designated time frame will be made by the course teaching team.
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development will email the exam materials to the exam monitor listed for your course in the “Exams” section of your mystanfordconnection account. Please make sure that you assigned the correct exam monitor for your course in your “Exams” to avoid any delay in receiving exam materials.
    • Please have your exam monitor check their Junk or Spam Folder to see if the materials are there before contacting our office.
    • If the exam materials are not in either of those folders, email Stanford Center for Professional Development at scpd-exams@stanford.edu and appropriate materials will be sent to your monitor.
  • Exam monitors should read the exam instructions before your scheduled exam and pay close attention to the materials and allotted time for the exam.

Exam Day:

  • Your exam monitor will make sure you only have approved materials while taking your exam. Approved materials will be listed on the instructions provided with the exam. The course teaching team will let you know what materials are approved ahead of time.
  • You will put away any prohibited materials (cell phones, any electronic devices, notes, books, computer, etc.) before you start begin your exam.
  • Your exam monitor will administer the exam and make sure you only use the allotted exam time specified in the instructions.

After the exam is complete:

  • After you have completed your exam, your exam monitor must fill out the Exam Monitor Form and sign it. Exams returned without an exam monitor form will not be accepted.
  • The completed exam should be scanned and emailed along with the exam monitor form to the designated email included in the exam instructions.
    • All exam materials must be sent by any deadline set in the exam instructions. Please make sure your exam monitor adheres to any deadline set. 
    • The completed exam should be sent by the exam monitor and not you. Exam monitors should not include you in the email as the you are not to have access to the exam file until it has been graded.
  • Stanford Center for Professional Development will review each exam submission and verify via email that the submission has been approved.
    • Exam monitors should keep your original exam until it has been approved in case there is any issue with the file.
  • The approved exam submission will be sent to the course teaching team for grading.