Weeklong Workshop:

Here’s a sample agenda of a Leadership Program that can be held at Stanford University (or at your organization’s location).

MondayLeadership Through Design ThinkingCreativity and the Differences Between Routine and Creative WorkLunchCreating Value Through Design ThinkingBuilding and Leading Creative TeamsOpening Dinner
TuesdayGood Boss, Bad BossScaling-Up Excellence in Teams and Organizations


Communication and the Art of Persuasion

The Leader You Want to Be

Guest Speaker

What is Decision Leadership? With Case Exercise

Managing Team ConflictLunchDiagnose situation and design decision process with Case ExerciseLeadership stylesReception/Networking
ThursdayFostering a Collaborative Project Team EnvironmentObserving Team DynamicsLunch

Team Timelines: Launches, Learning and Emotions

Getting the most from Global TeamsGuest Speaker

Cross Functional Teams

Cross Functional Teams, cont’d

LunchUnderstanding Program InterdependenciesManaging Complex Program Interfaces and InterdependenciesClosing Dinner

Online Coursework:  

These courses reinforce and enhance the knowledge participants gained at the face-to-face workshop through online videos and interactive exercises that empower individuals to become more effective leaders and team members.


Capstone Project:

Using lessons learned at the workshop, participants will be asked to apply leadership techniques within their own company and present the results in a live virtual webinar. Stanford faculty members will provide them with feedback and suggestions.