Online Coursework: 

These courses provide a baseline of knowledge for all program participants through online videos and interactive exercises that cover topics in statistics, programming and data set review.



Weeklong Workshop: 

Here’s a sample agenda of an Applied Big Data Program that can be held at Stanford University (or at your organization’s location).

MondayBasic Statistical TechniquesLunchStatistical Learning I
TuesdayStatistical Learning IILunchAnalytics and Optimization: Theory and Practice: Panel Discussion
WednesdayParallelization Hadoop EcosystemLunchBig Data Lab: Hands on Practice of Tools
ThursdayParallelization: SAP on Dynamic Databases, MultithreadingLunchSite visit: How are Silicon Valley companies using Big Data?
FridayVisualization ToolsLunchWrap Up and Project Unveiling

Capstone Project:

Using lessons learned at the workshop, participants will be asked to apply big data tools and analytic techniques within their own company and present the results at a live virtual webinar. Stanford faculty members will provide them with feedback and suggestions.