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Compete with the big cats. Earn a Stanford graduate certificate in data mining online. Two certificates are designed to give you the skills you need to gather and analyze massive amounts of information. Pursue the certificate that best matches your skills and career goals and become a master of your data.

  • New! Mining Massive Data Sets - Learn efficient, powerful programming techniques and algorithms to transform large quantities of information into business intelligence.
  • Data Mining and Applications - Develop and use predictive models and analytics to extract meaning from large data sets and inform sound strategic decisions.

Learn from Stanford faculty. Adapt to new opportunities. Compete with the best in your field.

  • Faculty excellence
  • Innovative, interdisciplinary, industry-relevant solutions
  • Teamwork, synergy, and support
  • Close ties between Stanford faculty and industry

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Free Data Mining Webinars

On-demand Webinars

Mining Online Data Across Social Networks
Capturing Data, Modeling Patterns, Predicting Behavior
Join Professor Jure Leskovec for a discussion on approaches for tracking and predicting how information travels and mutates in online networks. Based on collecting more than 20 million blog posts and news media articles per day, he will share insights into how to mine such data to capture and model temporal patterns in the news over a 24-hour period—in particular, the succession of story lines that evolve and compete for attention.

Data Mining: The Tool of the Information Age Revolution
Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn how to explore, analyze, and leverage data sets of any scale with Google's Search Scientist and Stanford Instructor Rajan Patel.