• World renown faculty & research

    World renown faculty & research

  • Merged with European visions<

    Merged with European visions

  • Stanford-Lille Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

    "Every entrepreneur needs to step back to see the big picture and needs to do it far from the daily routine." — Tuyen Pham, President, A-Volute

Stanford - Lille Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program

For the last 40 years, the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship has positioned the Silicon Valley as the preeminent location for business creation and development. Many regions have tried to emulate this success; few have succeeded.

To extend these hallmarks of Silicon Valley, the Stanford Center for Professional Development and the Lille Nord Region have partnered with Euratechnologies to offer the Stanford-Lille Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. This immersive education program provides Silicon Valley best practices to professionals and teams looking to find new markets for existing portfolios or to launch a new product or service.