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Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture - Craig Barrett

"Research Universities, Technology Innovation and 21st Century Competitiveness" - Craig Barrett, retired CEO and chairman of semiconductor giant Intel Corp.

We know that market shares are won and lost during periods of transition. The world's biggest economic transition, the arrival of 3 billion new capitalists into the world's free economic system, has occurred over the last decade. With that backdrop, countries are competing to win (and lose) market share as we move into the 21st Century, the so-called knowledge or innovation century. As worldwide technology innovation shows no sign of slowing down, and U.S. research universities are our key source of new technology, we are dependent on a strengthening of these universities if we are to grow ahead of the competition. Other countries are competing as well, and the winners and losers are not certain. The talk will center on our options, our challenges and suggestions for future action.

Stanford Engineering Hero Lecture Series
Given the many remarkable achievements of Stanford Engineering alumni and faculty, The School of Engineering has introduced a program to honor the men and women responsible for great technical advances that make human, social and economic progress possible. Stanford Engineering Heroes embodies all that the school stands for: innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and world-class teaching and research.

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