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Stanford Webinar - The Pursuit of Sustainability

Sustainability as a business strategy is at the forefront of effective leadership for the 21st century— and it means much more than being “green.”

It is about developing systems and processes that not only make your business resilient and successful, but enable the world’s population to
thrive, now and for generations to come.

This mandate can be a daunting challenge to take on for any company. But joining the avant garde of change leadership does not have to be as risky to current business as it may seem. In this webinar, Stanford’'s Pam Matson will explore how you can include sustainability in your business goals and ultimately increase your organization’s global impact.

Learn more: http://globalimpact.stanford.edu/

About the Speaker:
Pamela Matson is Chester Naramore Dean of the School of Earth Sciences as
well as an internationally recognized interdisciplinary Earth scientist,
academic leader and organizational strategist. Her research focuses on the
consequences of agricultural intensification, land use change, andnitrogen
deposition for ecosystems and the atmosphere, and on sustainable
development issues in developing regions. Working mostly in the tropics,
she and her colleagues have identified the negative consequences of
deforestation and intensive agriculture for the global and local
atmosphere, freshwater, and marine systems, and are working to develop new
approaches that reduce those impacts while maintaining human livelihoods
and well-being. She also works on the vulnerability of food and water
systems to climate change.

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