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Stanford Course - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

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The co-evolution of genetic engineering and biotechnology in the last 30+ years has allowed for groundbreaking findings in molecular biology that have revolutionized our understanding of nature and its applications in society. Discovering that genetic code could be manipulated and added to various organisms led to developing transgenic techniques in yeast, plants, animals and even humans.

This course will expand your understanding of genetic research and give you the perspective to form your own opinions on controversial topics within the field. Further your knowledge of genome research, gain greater awareness of the benefits and risks, and explore the latest research and technologies advancing the science of genetic engineering and biotechnology.

This course is an elective course in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate (

You will learn:

-Methods to produce different genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
-Applications of genetic engineering in biotechnology
-Characteristics and classes of drug development
-Technology licensing and patents in life sciences

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