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Stanford Webinar - Leadership BS: Fixing Workplaces and Careers One Truth at a Time

The multibillion dollar leadership development industry has failed, with workplaces characterized by low engagement, distrust of leaders, low levels of job satisfaction, and high rates of leadership failure. This webinar will describe why this is the case and, more importantly, why the attributes we claim to want in leaders are almost the exact opposite of what we hire and promote. Instead of chasing inspiration and telling nice, often untrue, and invariably rare tales, companies need to understand the qualities that make people effective and how to develop them.

You will learn:

• What to do to make leadership development more effective
• What skills we should be imparting in people who we want to be effective
• Why we need to give up on inspiration and the nice stories we tell that mostly aren't true

Presented by the Stanford Advanced Project Management Program (http://apm.stanford.edu)

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