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Stanford Webinar - Visual Computing-Tracking the Top Trends and Opportunities

Computer graphics. Augmented reality and virtual reality. Computer Vision. Imaging technology. Deep Learning. Artificial Intelligence. In the field of visual computing, new tools and technologies are constantly emerging and evolving. With the relentless demand on computers to process ever increasing amounts of visual information, future proofing an IT career means tracking the trends and understanding the opportunities.

In this webinar, Stanford Computer Science professor Ron Fedkiw and Electrical Engineering Professor Gordon Wetzstein examine the newest developments in visual computing and where this rapidly changing field is headed next. As boundaries between graphics and vision overlap, understanding the potential ways visual information can be interpreted and understood is vital to an organization's strategy and success.

You will learn:
-The latest breakthroughs in the capture, processing and display of visual information
-The most valued visual computing skills and technologies in the workplace
-Industry transformations underway in virtual reality, entertainment, medicine, automotive and more

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