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Stanford Faculty - Meet Joe Lipsick

Joe Lipsick is Professor of Pathology, Genetics and, by courtesy, of Biology who teaches in the Stanford Genetics and Genomics Program.
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Joe Lipsick is a professor of pathology and genetics at Stanford University. In his lab, he studies the Myb oncogene family that is mutated in human cancers of blood cells (leukemia), brain, breast, and salivary gland. The proteins encoded by Myb genes bind to DNA and regulate the expression of other genes that control cell division, differentiation, and cell death. The Myb proteins interact with a highly conserved multi-protein complex called the MuvB core. The same complex also interacts with proteins of the Rb tumor suppressor family and the E2F transcription factor family. Work from our laboratory has shown that Myb acts in opposition to Rb-E2F to epigenetically regulate gene expression. IN 2015 Joe was awarded the Walter J Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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