Tours & Labs

The tour schedule is subject to lab safety requirements and availability.

CARS (the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford)

Join us at the CARS facility and see the prototype cars that are setting records, winning DARPA challenges, and creating the future of the automobile. Live demonstrations of the P1 and X1 prototypes (subject to safety requirements and vehicle availability) and a chance to mingle with the faculty from this ground breaking research center.

IDEO tour

Join us for a tour of the main corporate offices of IDEO, the premier design strategy and innovation firm in the world. We will go behind the scenes and visit the projects team rooms, workshops, and brainstorming labs to get a feel for how innovation happens at IDEO.

Smart Products Design Labs (SPDL) tour

Come see the lab where we create smart products with microprocessors, motors, sensors and actuators, and research how mechatronics will impact the products of the future. You will have an opportunity to see demonstrations of robots that play games and battlebots that fight to the death and to meet the faculty of this important lab.

Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL)

Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

The VAIL is a state of the art vehicle research facility where interdisciplinary teams can work on projects that move vehicle technology forward.The facility opened in 2010 yet has already played a role in significant transportation research, housing multiple high-profile Stanford and industry projects on automated driving, driver assistance systems, sustainability and more.

The Product Realization Lab (PRL) and the Design Loft

The PRL and Loft surround the Design courtyard and, with the addition of the Peterson Building, form the center of design related activities at Stanford. The PRL contains everything needed to design, prototype and create innovative design concepts, including all the traditional fabrication machinery in addition to state-of-the-art computer-aided drawing, manufacturing, and prototyping systems.