Program Overview


Be the driver of innovation.
Harness the power of design thinking tools to incorporate innovation into your everyday business practices and transform your organization. Get close and personal with some of the people who invented the tools of design thinking and learn to use the innovative techniques to develop you and your team's creativity, achievement habits, customer empathy and visual thinking.

Learn from Stanford’s Design Thinking Pioneers

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."Today’s competitive environment calls for the need to get creative, generate new ideas, and constantly strive to find the next big thing.

But effective innovation isn’t easy. That’s where Stanford’s world-class faculty and industry experts come in to help. They will teach you not only how to become more efficient at problem solving, but also how to make sure you’re focusing your efforts on the right problems. They will coach you through repeatable processes that will break you out of your “schemas” and move into a world of new possibilities. You will:

  • Develop brainstorming and prototyping skills to spur ideas and creativity
  • Learn how to understand your customers and what they really want
  • Collaborate on design challenges and find solutions to problems you face every day

At this 2.5-day program, you will tour labs and classrooms to get an insider’s look at Stanford’s design thinking pioneers at work, participate in hands-on workshops and panel discussions, and make lasting connections with your peers and other professional across the world.

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