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Free Online Videos

Professor Stephen R. Barley
Connect to Stanford online
Professor Donald E. Knuth

View online, without charge, webinars and seminars presented by Stanford faculty, industry experts, and senior researchers.

Live Lectures & Webinars

Register for live virtual meetings with Stanford faculty, industry experts, and senior researchers as they go beyond the course curriculum to address emerging topics in academia and trends.

Topics include:

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Design Thinking
  • Decision Analysis
  • Circuit Design
  • Software Security

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On-demand Videos

Popular titles include:

  • Design Thinking and the Car of the Future
  • Corporate Risk Appetite
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
  • Innovation After the Crisis
  • Human-Computer Interaction

Seminars are available the day after each lecture occurs on campus and webinars are available at any time. To configure your computer to view our online videos, see the technical requirements.

Free seminars and
on-demand webinars

Each quarter we provide sample lectures for the graduate courses offered as previews. What you''ll see is an actual Stanford course as it is taught on campus.


On-demand Lecture Series

Computer Musings by Donald E. Knuth

View videos of lectures and class sessions by Donald E. Knuth, Professor Emeritus of the Art of Computer Programming at Stanford University.

Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford

Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart is known for developing the computer mouse, graphical user interface, display editing, and more.